§ 19.10.010. Definitions.  

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    The following definitions shall apply to chapters 19.10 through 19.30 and 19.65 unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

    Assessed value as used in this title shall mean the assessed value of property placed on the assessment roll as of January 1 of each tax year.

    Improvement shall mean a public capital improvement.

    Last approved estimate or last approved budget or last approved budget estimate means the estimate of or budget for assessable costs of an assessment district made or presented by the municipality and approved last in period of time by owners of property which will bear more than 50 percent of such assessable costs.

    Service in either the singular or plural shall mean a public service(s).

(AO No. 96-77(S-1), § 1, 6-11-96)

Editor's note

Repealed § 19.30.060 was consolidated into § 19.10.010, definition of "last approved estimate".