§ 16.100.200. Suspension or revocation of license.  

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    If a licensee is convicted or otherwise found liable by a court of competent jurisdiction for violation of a provision of this chapter or a municipal regulation promulgated pursuant to this chapter, the applicable license shall be automatically suspended or revoked, in addition to the criminal or civil penalty imposed, in accordance with the following schedule commencing on the date of court action:


    First violation: 30-day suspension of license or permit.


    Second violation: 60-day suspension of license or permit.


    Third violation: revocation of license or permit.

    The licensee shall tender physical possession of the ambulance license to the fire chief within 24 hours after the court action is entered on the records.


    Violation of the terms of a suspension or revocation imposed pursuant to this section is a separate violation of this chapter.

(AO No. 85-71)