§ 16.100.130. Vehicle inspections.  

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    At least one time each year all vehicles and equipment operated as ambulances shall be inspected. The fire chief shall schedule the time, place and scope of inspections and designate a qualified person to inspect the vehicles. The licensee shall pay any reasonable fee that may be required if a private party performs the inspection. No vehicle may be operated as an ambulance until it has been inspected and found to be in a safe and clean condition and in conformance with the equipment and marking requirements of this chapter.


    The owner of a damaged ambulance vehicle shall notify the fire chief of the damage sustained no later than 8:00 a.m. of the next municipal workday and arrange for an inspection of the vehicle before it is again used as an ambulance.


    The fire chief may prohibit the operation of a vehicle as an ambulance if he determines that it does not comply with the requirements of this chapter or is otherwise unsafe. No person may operate such a vehicle until the fire chief has inspected it and approved such use in writing.

(AO No. 85-71)