§ 16.100.080. Ambulance equipment.  

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    Generally. A licensee shall ensure that all ambulances operated pursuant to his license:


    Meet the equipment standards established by state law for a certificated emergency medical service.


    Are equipped with a fully operational two-way radio communications system capable of using the emergency medical service radio frequency as designated by the United States, and all other frequencies designated by the fire chief and including all other characteristics required by the fire chief.


    Pagers. A licensee shall ensure that all personnel assigned to work on an ambulance are in possession of a pager using a frequency designated by the fire chief.


    Use of emergency signals. It is unlawful for a licensee to operate on an ambulance any lights, sirens or audible signal which is commonly understood to be an emergency signal or for a licensee to permit another person to do so, unless the particular ambulance service transport for which such signal is used originated in an area outside of the municipality, unless approved by the fire chief.

(AO No. 85-71)