§ 16.100.030. Contents of application for license; transfer of license.  

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  • A.

    An application for an ambulance service license shall be made to the fire chief on a form he has approved and shall be accompanied by the following:


    The fee specified in section 16.100.150.


    Proof of insurance for all vehicles to be operated as ambulances pursuant to the license as required by section 16.100.100.


    A complete list of the name, address and telephone number for every person who shall have a financial or proprietary interest in the license or licensee.


    Proof that the applicant is at least 18 years of age.


    The business address and telephone number to be used by the ambulance service.


    Proof that the personnel required to operate the ambulance service by section 16.100.090 are available as of the effective date of the license.


    Proof that the applicant has acquired and installed the equipment that section 16.100.080 requires to be aboard each vehicle to be operated as an ambulance as of the effective date of the license.


    Identification of the physician sponsor required by section 16.100.090.B.


    Identification of the vehicles to be operated as ambulances by vehicle registration number, VIN number, make, model and year, proof that both the body and mechanics of each of them are in good repair, and proof that the applicant is lawfully entitled to use those vehicles for the purpose of an ambulance service.


    A complete description of the ambulance markings and color scheme to be used in compliance with section 16.100.070.


    Proof of a valid license issued by the United States to the applicant for use of its emergency medical radio frequency.


    Proof of current registration with the state as an emergency medical service.


    Proof of prior approval of standing orders by the emergency medical service board.


    The fire chief shall issue a license if the applicant complies with all the requirements of subsection A of this section and is certified as required by section 16.100.035. A license issued pursuant to this section is nontransferable and shall be valid for one year unless revoked or suspended pursuant to section 16.100.200.

(AO No. 85-71)