§ 16.02.030. Inspection and service fees.  

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  • Pursuant to chapter 3.40, the director may issue municipal regulations setting fee schedules for inspections required under this title and for other services rendered to the public and other public and private entities by the department. The regulations may provide:


    That persons regulated by the department shall pay appropriate inspection fees established to cover the actual costs of inspections.


    That persons receiving the benefits of department services and programs pay appropriate service fees set to fully or partially compensate the department for the cost of providing such services or programs.


    A schedule for fees, including time for payment, calculation of fees, methods for collection of fees and enforcing fee regulations, including denial or suspension of permits, services or program participation.


    For reduction or waiver of inspection or service fees in cases of economic hardships as defined therein.

(AO No. 77-56)