§ 11.30.070. Duty to serve public.  

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    A chauffeur subject to this chapter shall not refuse to transport any passenger unless:


    The chauffeur has already been dispatched to another call;


    The passenger is acting in a disorderly or threatening manner, or otherwise causes the chauffeur to reasonably believe that his or her health or safety, or that of others, may be endangered;


    The passenger, upon request, does not show an ability to pay the estimated fare or any applicable flat or group rate;


    The passenger refuses to refrain from smoking; or


    The passenger, upon request, refuses to refrain from eating and drinking.


    The chauffeur shall immediately notify the dispatcher of any incident of service refusal.


    When in service and not occupied by other passengers, a chauffeur operating a taxicab permitted under section 11.20.037F. to meet the needs of persons with disabilities for demand-responsive transportation shall respond first to dispatched calls requesting an accessible taxicab. The chauffeur shall maintain communications with the taxicab's dispatch service in accordance with section 11.40.053 at all times between the check in and check out of the chauffeur's work shift. Provision of service by permitted accessible taxicabs is not restricted to passengers with disabilities, but failure to comply with the priority response requirement of this section may result in a citation. When a chauffeur refuses to respond to a dispatched call for a wheelchair or accessible taxicab without good cause, the chauffer shall become ineligible to receive dispatch service for the 24 hours following such refusal.


    A chauffeur shall inspect his or her regulated vehicle at the beginning and during his or her shift ensuring the vehicle is in a safe operating condition and clean inside and outside. Any mechanical or safety deficiencies noted shall be immediately reported to the vehicle owner. The vehicle owner shall take action to immediately correct safety deficiencies. Non-safety deficiencies shall be corrected within 72 hours of notification, except as otherwise provided in this title. Failure of the chauffeur to report a safety or mechanical deficiency may result in a citation.


    It shall be unlawful for any chauffeur or passenger in a regulated vehicle to smoke any cigar, pipe, or cigarette or to burn tobacco or any other material in such vehicles.


    A chauffeur shall not ask, allow or permit a passenger to sit or ride in the front passenger seat unless all seating rearward from the driver's seat is occupied, or the passenger specifically requests to sit in the front passenger seat.

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