§ 17.04. Prohibitions  

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  • (a) Except where authorized by ordinance, an elected official of the municipality may hold no other compensated municipal office or employment or elected position under the state or municipality while in office.

    (b) For one year after the assembly member leaves office, an assembly member or school board member elected under this Charter may hold no compensated municipal office or employment which was created, or the salary or benefits of which were specially increased during the assembly member's last year in office by the body of which the assembly member was a member. This section does not apply to employment by or election to a charter commission.

    (c) An independent contractor engaged through competitive bidding does not hold municipal employment for purposes of this section.

(AO No. 2013-93, prop. 8, 4-1-14)


The charter commission's commentary on subsection (a) of this section is printed following the Charter as section 17.04(a) of such commentary.