§ 19.02. Initial election  

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  • (a) The election for ratification of this Charter, for election of officers under this Charter, and for approval of a plan of apportionment in accordance with Alaska Statutes, shall be held on September 9, 1975.

    (b) The election of September 9, 1975, and any related runoff election, shall be conducted in accordance with the election ordinances of the Greater Anchorage Area Borough in effect immediately prior to the election except as otherwise provided in this Charter. Runoff elections shall be held, if necessary, only for the offices of mayor and school board member.

    (c) The election of assembly members shall be in accordance with the plan of apportionment included in this Charter as appendix A.

    (d) At the election of September 9, 1975, school board members are elected at-large, without designated seats. School board members elected under the former government serve until the expiration of the terms for which they were elected. The designation of seats takes effect as the respective terms of members elected without designated seats expire, or as their seats become otherwise vacant.

(AO No. 2013-93, prop. 8, 4-1-14)