§ 10.01. Introduction and enactment of ordinances  

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  • (a) An ordinance shall be introduced in writing in the form required by assembly rule.

    (b) An ordinance may be introduced by an assembly member at a regular or special meeting of the assembly. The mayor may cause an ordinance to be introduced; each such ordinance shall state "By the Chair of the Assembly at the request of the Mayor." Following introduction and upon approval of three assembly members, the clerk shall publish a notice containing the text of the ordinance or an informative summary of its contents, the time and place for a public hearing on the ordinance, and the time and place where copies of the ordinance are available. The public hearing shall be held at least seven days after publication of the notice.

    (c) An ordinance takes effect upon adoption or at a later date specified in the ordinance. Ordinances shall be attested by the municipal clerk and by the presiding officer of the assembly.

(AO No. 2013-93, prop. 8, 4-1-14)