§ 5.01. The office of the mayor  

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  • (a) The executive and administrative power of Anchorage is vested in the mayor. The mayor is elected at-large for a three-year term.

    (b) A candidate for the office of mayor:

    (1) Shall be a qualified voter of Anchorage; and

    (2) Shall be a resident of Anchorage for at least two years immediately preceding the candidate's election.

    (c) The mayor shall remain a resident of Anchorage while in office.

    (d) A person who has served as mayor for two consecutive terms may not be re-elected to that office until one full term has intervened.

    (e) The compensation of the mayor shall be fixed by the commission on salaries and emoluments, and may not be reduced during the mayor's term of office without the mayor's consent.

(AO No. 2013-93, prop. 8, 4-1-14)