§ 4.04. Presiding officer, meetings and procedures  

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  • (a) The assembly shall elect annually from its membership a presiding officer known as "chair." The chair serves at the pleasure of the assembly.

    (b) The assembly shall meet in regular session at least twice each month. The mayor, the chair of the assembly, or five assembly members may call special meetings.

    (c) The assembly by ordinance shall determine its own rules and order of business, including provisions for reasonable notice to the public and to all assembly members of regular and special meetings. The assembly shall maintain a journal of its proceedings as a public record.

    (d) Voting shall be by roll call, electronic device or other public method as defined by assembly rule. The votes of all assembly members shall be recorded.

    (e) Six members of the assembly shall constitute a quorum; however, a smaller number may recess from time to time and compel the attendance of absent members as prescribed by assembly rule.

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